I know some of you are having issues setting up TorrentToise. I will try to write up some how-to’s, to make it easier for you to figure it out.
For now, this basic example will have to do.

If you’re using rTorrent, you have to set up XMLRPC as described on this page:
If your webserver is Apache or nxing, the default port is 5000. For lighttpd the port is 80.
RPC path is the default (/RPC2), unless you change it when setting up XMLRPC.
For authentication you’ll have to look up how to set it up in your webserver.

For both uTorrent and Transmission, you will have to set up their web UI’s, and make sure they’re accessible from outside your computer/network. This might mean forwarding ports aswell. For now, I’ll have to refer you to these clients websites: here for Transmission, and here for µTorrent.

Once these are set up correctly, we can move on to TorrentToise.
First, you open the app. Then you press the menu button on your phone, and select Settings.
Then you press the “Add new server” button. This is where you set up TorrentToise so it can connect to your torrent client.

1. Name
All servers you add to TorrentToise will have to have a name. Could be something simple like “Transmission”.

2. Torrent client
Here you’ll have to select what torrent client you’re using. If it’s Transmission, simply select Transmission.

3. URL
This is the URL/IP to your computer. For example,

4. Port
This is the port your client is using. It will be the same as you set up in your client, and also the same as you used when connecting to their web UI’s. For example, then standard Transmission port is 9091, but check your client.

5. RPC path
For connecting to the Transmission web UI, you type http://<your_ip>:<your_port>/transmission/rpc
This option is the “/transmission/rpc” part. By default you will not have to change this.

6. Authentication
Check this if your clients web UI requires a username/password.

7. Auth username
If authentication is selected, type the username you selected for your clients web UI.

8. Auth password
If authentication is selected, type the password you selected for your clients web UI.

When you’re done filling out this information, simply press back, and you should see your new torrent server listed under “Server settings”.
Press back once more to get to the torrent list, and you’re done!

I will, as mentioned, try to write up some tutorials for this at a later date, but I hope this will help you set up the app.

Should you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail, or leave a comment on this page.